Loss of Vitality: Can Bioidentical Hormones Help?

A patient describes her situation via e-mail:

I am nearly 30 years old and fitness pro by profession. I am living a very healthy and active lifestyle, but at the moment my body doesn’t respond to anything and I am feeling bad. Recently my body was standing under high stress and now I suffer from health problems, poor performance, and a bad complexion. For three month I try to whip my body back into shape, but nothing helped. I believe my hormones have lost their balance, which is certainly difficult to control by myself. My family doctor cannot provide help as well.

Reduced Well-Being Due to Hormonal Imbalance

If the patient is healthy, which, of course, has to be urgently investigated, a hormone deficiency would easily explain her poor general condition although she is only in the thirties. A complete analysis of her hormone status would be recommendable. On the basis of this data a therapy plan for increasing her vitality by means of bioidentical hormones can furthermore be created.

Hormones are important messenger substances in the human body. They fulfill multiple tasks that are essential for a healthy and active metabolism. Deficits triggered by factors like age, poor eating habits, and an unhealthy lifestyle have a negative impact on our general well-being and cause premature skin aging, fatigue, loss of libido, a drop in performance, and other symptoms. Restoring a healthy hormone balance can remedy these symptoms.

Hormonal Balance with Bioidentical Hormones

Common “hormone therapies” with synthesized, hormone-like drugs have acquired a bad name due to numerous side effects and are therefore less recommended. In contrast to that, in the course of a Hormonal Regeneration® by DDr. Heinrich (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, BHRT) hormonal deficiencies are balanced with bioidentical hormones, which correspond to the body’s own hormones in their chemical structure to such an extent, so that side effects do not occur when correctly dosed. During a therapy, which either takes 3 or 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days), frequent check-ups are made to adjust further administration of bioidentical hormones according to the patient’s individual needs.

For our patient who longs for her original top shape it would initially be important to undergo a medical examination and gather results about her blood values, including her hormone status. After a consultation a therapy plan using bioidentical hormones tailored to her personal needs can be created, which can fulfill her wish for more power and endurance both in her daily and working life.

DDr. Heinrich, MD